Can I Refinance My Home Loan During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

It’s not just about health, the economy will suffer

Governments around the world have been in a position to choose between the economy and health. Unfortunately, many have prioritised the economy and as a result, more drastic actions will need to be taken later.

This pandemic has the potential to be a 1 in 100 year economic event due to massive disruption to almost every industry.

You may be personally affected, particularly if you have an irregular income or own a business. What can you do now to prepare?

What are the benefits of refinancing now?

Refinancing can help you in numerous ways:

  • Release equity from your property so that you have cash on standby.
  • Consolidate your debts into your home loan, reducing your repayments.
  • Get a lower interest rate.
  • Some of our lenders are offering borrowers cashbacks of up to $4,000 for refinancing.
  • You can switch to interest only repayments, reducing your repayments further.

Why do you need to act now?

There’s a short window of opportunity to take action because there is a cascade of effects that the coronavirus will have on our economy and lenders.

  • Bank valuers will likely be more conservative a few weeks from now. This reduces what you can borrow.
  • Bank valuers may refuse to visit properties, making it impossible for lenders that require them to lend.
  • Banks look at your two most recent payslips if your casual, overtime, commission, bonus or other variable income type drops then you may not get approved.
  • Most lenders have their staff working from home, inevitably there will be delays.
  • Lenders will prioritise loan applications to buy a property, which means your refinance may be delayed.
  • Australia is likely to go into a total lock down which may cause lenders to stop lending.
  • Some lenders require face to face meetings to identify borrowers, which may not be possible.

We believe you have approximately one week, maybe two weeks, to take action before refinancing becomes more difficult.

How can we help as mortgage brokers?

Our mortgage brokers are working from home for their safety, however they will be working overtime to help our customers.

Our team is constantly monitoring the position of lenders to ensure we can avoid lenders that are unable to approve loans during this time. Call us at 02 6694 1422 if you’d like our assistance.